Fire Emblem Awakening DLC will bring new maps weekly

First downloadable maps free for a limited time

Nintendo has outlined plans to release weekly downloadable content for Fire Emblem Awakening on 3DS.


The platform holder says it'll release a "steady weekly stream of additional maps" for the turn-based strategy war game.

The first maps are planned for release at launch (February 4 in US, April in EU), and will be available for free for a "limited time". Later maps will be offered at different price points.

As Nintendo explains, players will be able to "access the downloadable content through the Outrealm Gate located on the in-game world map, which will be unlocked after the player completes the fifth mission in the main story mode.

"The content will include additional information about new class types, skills, playable characters, maps with new storylines and special maps that let players earn more experience points, gold or other rare items."

In addition the purchasable DLC, Nintendo will also release new content such as maps with new storylines, characters and items for free via SpotPass broadcasts. As with other SpotPass-enabled titles, we expect this content will be downloaded automatically to 3DS consoles with access to a Wi-Fi connection.

See the most recent Fire Emblem Awakening trailer here.