Anarchy Reigns review round-up: A warm reception for Platinum's action game

All the review scores in one place...

Platinum Games' latest effort, Anarchy Reigns, is an online multiplayer brawler starring the studio's most recognisable characters.

In our Anarchy Reigns review we said the game is a "deep, thoughtful and unique online scrapper - but offline, it's infinitely missable".

Other reviews have been published to coincide with the game's UK release today and we've gathered up all the scores, along with short excerpts from the verdicts, to provide you with a detailed picture of its critical reception. Check out our round-up below.

  • Game Revolution: 4/5 - It's true that the plot is a mess and a few odd quirks keep Anarchy Reigns from being a polished AAA release, but despite that, there are tons of freaks to beat up, plenty of online combatants to choose from, and balanced gameplay that doesn't take itself too seriously. After the weight of Fall 2012's catalog, it's nice to reconnect with the abrasive-yet-endearing style Platinum Games is built on.
  • Destructoid: 8.5/10 - Despite some issues, brawler fans should find everything they're looking for with Anarchy Reigns. It's ridiculous, it's fun, and it's packed with enough content to last you a long while, so long as you don't get tired of beating dudes up over and over. The budget pricing of $29.99 makes this decision even easier.
  • Gaming Age: B+ - There's a substantial amount of content present for the asking price, and the overall feel of the game is pretty polished. The combat aspect that drives the single and online play feels really solid, with easy to pick up and understand movesets for characters that don't feel like cookie cutter copy and paste jobs, featuring strong art direction and a fantastic soundtrack to wrap it all up. Platinum Games continues to impress with their newest release, and I can't wait to check out their next effort.
  • OXM US: 7.5 - When $30 nets you this much online-multiplayer insanity, it's easy to forgive many of Anarchy Reigns' missteps. Heck, at that price, you can ignore the grueling solo campaign entirely and the game's still a decent value.
  • GameInformer: 7.50 - Anarchy Reigns' multiplayer scratches an itch I didn't know I had, but its camera faults and near-identical character move sets hold it back from scratching hard enough. However, online matchmaking is quick and easy, and the network fidelity held strong through every round I played. The campaign is rough at times but overall entertaining, though I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for a high-caliber action experience.
  • Official Xbox Magazine UK: 7/10 - The single-player mode offers some spectacular boss battles, but pads out the experience with long-winded slogs against disposable drones. Without humans to fight, the relative rigidity of combat is exposed, though Platinum could never make hitting something anything less than satisfying. Anarchy Reigns is a brash, scrappy runt in a litter of spectacular action games, but in making online brawling just about work it still offers something of its own.
  • Xbox 360 Achievements: 70/100 - Anarchy Reigns is good, clean fun while the appeal lasts, and demonstrates that online fighting games needn't be restricted to just versus fare. There's clearly room for something a little more... anarchic.
  • Gamespot: 7.0 - There are moments of brilliance in smaller online battles or in some of the single-player's set pieces, where it all seems to click and the gory combat becomes so enjoyable. Anarchy Reigns might not hit those highs often enough to be truly great, but it's different enough and crazy enough for a chainsaw-fuelled rumble or two.
  • GamesRadar: 3/5 - Anarchy Reigns may be a case of style over substance, but if quick-and-dirty brawling is what you're in the mood for, it's guaranteed to scratch your savage itch. It's a shame that the multiplayer, which could've prolonged the game's frenetic fun, will serve as an amusing distraction. But when you just want to turn your brain off and pummel waves of baddies, it doesn't get much more gratifying or outrageously stylish than this.
  • Metro: 9/10 - An inspired reinvention of multiplayer brawling, that carves out a whole new action genre for itself and those brave enough to learn its ins and outs.
  • Gamesbeat: 60/100 - When things are going well, like in its over-the-top multiplayer modes, it's reminiscent of every great action figure battle you ever had as a kid converted into digital form. When things are slow, it's a painful slog through the same repetitive scenarios over and over again. And due to the nature of its gameplay and approach to progressing through the campaign, things are slow much more often than crazy.
  • EGM: 6.0 - Anarchy Reigns is one of those games you'll either love or hate. Some folks will be able to look past the gameplay flaws and appreciate the Platinum-y goodness, but more serious fighting fans will probably wish for a more defined, discernible battlefield. I tend to side more with the latter, but I managed to have some occasional fun despite my frustrations.
  • 1UP: B- - Understandably, some may find a lot of the content excessive and repetitive, thusly, Anarchy Reigns might not appeal to everyone, but its solid combat and multiplayer offering mark a promising restart for a genre many folks forgot about.
  • Eurogamer: 9/10 - The games industry loves nostalgia, particularly when it involves something under-appreciated in its own time. The Dreamcast's posthumous valorisation is like this. And so, criminally, is much of Clover Studio's finest work - especially God Hand, the daddy of 3D brawlers and a total sales flop. Anarchy Reigns already has this whiff about it, the smell of critical success, commercial failure and subsequent cult status. That's a damn shame, and much less than this deserves. But the only thing Platinum Games can control is the quality of its product. In Anarchy Reigns, as ever, it is exceptional.
  • Edge: 6/10 - Its balanced multiplayer mode means a fixed moveset and an unremarkable singleplayer campaign, while the high online player count means matches too often descend into scrappy pileups. Neither its on- or offline offerings are essential, but Platinum has shown that an online brawler can work. It's rough around the edges, sure, but it's a proof of concept to build on