Secret World studio confirms closures, restructuring

Funcom will continue to focus on existing games and make smaller MMOs

The Secret World developer Funcom has announced plans to restructure the company, resulting in studio closures and expected layoffs.


The firm said on its website: "Funcom has initiated a process of restructuring the company around its core products and technology.

"The restructuring of the company will involve cost reductions through the closure and the consolidation of offices with the goal of creating a stronger unified organisation that can take full advantage of the exciting opportunities that face the games industry as it steps into 2013 and beyond."

Funcom added that it will continue to "focus strongly" on existing MMOs Age of Conan, Anarchy Online and The Secret World, while noting that the restructured company "will be better equipped to realise the strategy of building smaller high quality MMO games" like the upcoming LEGO Minifigures, which is in development at its Oslo studio.

It also dubbed December's adoption of a buy-to-play business model for The Secret World "successful". Dropping the game's default subscription has apparently resulted in activity levels in the game increasing by over 400 per cent, and sales over the past four weeks totalled 70,000 units, "which is close to [a] 30 per cent increase"

"We are building the basis of a very sustainable business" said Funcom CEO Ole Schreiner. "With a restructured organisation, we will have a joint team of the best-of-the-best working together to expand our existing online worlds and to create new, exciting and memorable online experiences."

Funcom staff cuts last August reportedly affected approximately half of the company's global workforce.