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Console Wars anime features weird versions of Nintendo characters

This interesting new anime series takes the Nintendo and Sega war and puts it in a fantasy setting

Here's an odd one. A new anime series coming to Japanese TV retells the story of the Sega vs Nintendo console wars as told through a fantasy setting.


Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de tells the story of two different kingdoms fighting for control of the land of Consume. One kingdom, the Ninterudo Empire, has been dominating for years, but its rivals at the Segua Kingdom decide to fight back when one of its townspeople, a blue-haired chap called Gia, starts boasting of his immense speed. Sound familiar?

Each of the characters in the game is based on a Sega or Nintendo character or series, as you can see from the image above (there's a version below you can click to enlarge. See how many characters you can identify - we've provided the answers underneath the image below.

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de is based on a manga, and the anime will be coming to Japanese TV later this year. Expect the inevitable dodgy subtitled rips to appear shorty thereafter.

Gia - Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Opul - Opa-Opa (Fantasy Zone)
Neru - Nei (Phantasy Star)
Tejilof - Tetris (apparently a third-party mercenary hired by Segua)
Ramses - Columns
Marcse - Mario
Greege - Luigi
Zerig - The Legend Of Zelda
Carval - Kirby
Fare - Fire Emblem
Masa - Mother
Saroid - Samus (Metroid)
Pirika - Pikachu (Pokémon)
Fosta - Fox (Star Fox)