Diablo 3 patch 1.0.7 brings dueling, balance changes

Blizzard details features in next major update

Blizzard will introduce a new dueling mechanic to Diablo 3 with its next update, patch 1.0.7.


The developer released new information today detailing the new dueling mode - which will be introduced instead of a previously in-development team deathmatch mode - along with other features.

In Blizzard's words, here's how dueling will work:

- To duel another player, you'll need to speak with Nek the Brawler at the inn in New Tristram.
- Speaking with Nek will take you and your party to the Scorched Chapel, a new zone designed specifically for player combat.
- This zone has custom geometry and features four different areas: the church, the graveyard, the river, and the lake.
- Dueling currently supports up to four players in a Free-For-All format, which means you can battle your friends either one-on-one, three-player FFA, or a full four-player FFA.

According the developer, the intent is to "provide players a safe, opt-in location where they can fight one another for bragging rights (or maybe science) without the potential for griefing as it existed in Diablo II".

In other changes, the Monk and Wizzard will undergo a few balance tweaks, while item hunters will get new crafting recipes, and lots more. Get the full lowdown on what's to come on the official site.