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Analysis: When will next-gen consoles be announced?

CVG uses insider reports and historical trends to forecast the unveilings of Sony and Microsoft's new consoles...

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When and how will next gen be announced?

Mixing both historical data with industry rumours, CVG predicts the reveal dates

PlayStation Orbis

It's most likely that Sony will announce the next PlayStation at a special one-off industry event that takes place in March during GDC week.

CVG understands that the new system will not be formally discussed at the Destination PlayStation event at the end of February, so it is likely that the reveal will take place some time afterwards. We understand that the first announcement will not be at E3 either, so we expect that - at the very least - PlayStation will showcase some of the new system's technologies (specifically cloud tech) during GDC.

CVG prediction: Special one-off industry event, March


The Xbox

There will be so few leaks over the next few weeks regarding the next Xbox, though we expect Microsoft will once again rely on a mass media blitz leading up to a full E3 conference with new key executive Phil Harrison spearheading the show.

Expect the console to be revealed on national television alongside an online live-stream with, undoubtedly, adverts peppered across social media. Because of the product-led nature of these announcements, expect the Xbox to be revealed for the first time late in May or early June.

It is also highly likely that some key aspect of its technology to be discussed at GDC in March.

CVG prediction: Select mass media events, late May, leading into E3, and tech discussions in March

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