Next-gen consoles: Further indications point to March reveals

New CVG feature examines Microsoft's and Sony's announcement options

The next PlayStation will be announced to the world before E3 in June but after the Destination PlayStation event in February, industry sources have told CVG.


In a new feature analysing the reveal date possibilities for the so-called Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4, CVG has predicted that Sony will likely hold a one-off industry event during GDC week to reveal its new console.

However, Sony Japan may not want the system to be first revealed on a stage in San Francisco, and so a 'PlayStation Meeting' event outside of GDC remains a possibility.

Either way, industry experts believe that some features of both the next Xbox and PlayStation will be discussed openly during the Game Developers Conference.

Michael French of industry publications MCV and Develop said the reveal was "likely because both Microsoft and Sony have to get developers on-side".

"In 2005 Microsoft didn't announce the Xbox 360 at GDC, but they did discuss the 'HD era' in great depth. I remember they even gave out HD TVs to developers who attended the speaker session."

French said a similar forward-looking GDC keynote was made by Nintendo at GDC 2005, with the company discussing the Wii's processor tech.

"The reason why this is so important is it plants the seed in the wider development community about what tech the machines will use and how to get the most out of them.

"It wouldn't be a surprise if Microsoft or Sony completely focused their GDC talks on one aspect of the systems, like cloud technology. The consumer press materials will likely be saved for E3, but I expect some early information to be revealed at GDC."

Meanwhile CVG has been informed by development sources that the next Xbox will be announced in some form before E3, but further leaks of information are not likely. In the analysis of the console's reveal, CVG expects the next Xbox to be revealed late in May.