Square teases new Final Fantasy reveal coming January 17

Clues point to new iOS title called 'Final Fantasy: All the Brave'

Square Enix has launched a new teaser site for a new game announcement planned for January 17 - this Thursday.


The site simple shows the date surrounded by silhouettes of character sprites.

Kotaku has discovered, embedded in the site's source code, a link to an iTunes app page for a 'Final Fantasy: All the Bravest', which not only seemingly confirms Apple iOS as the platform, but also coincides with the site's URL, which contains the characters 'ff_atb'.

Long-time fans of the series may also recognise the sprites as characters from Final Fantasy V and VI which, along with the game's subtitle, suggests a new Final Fantasy game that draws characters from multiple titles.

Square Enix registered domain names and filed a trademark application for a project called 'All The Bravest' back in November last year.

Expect all the details to be revealed on Thursday.