Deadpool: Let me tell you why you should buy my game...

I can say Chimichanga in seven languages

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Back to my adventures on Genosha! That place is littered with bullets, it's almost like a trail leading me somewhere. Eventually I ran into Cable, who told me some stuff about the world ending and how it was all up to me to save everyone. I don't really remember the specifics, I tune him out, or blow my own head off and hope that when I come too he's gone. I have a crazy healing factor so it grows back as ugly as ever.

I woke up to find a note pinned to my chest telling me to meet him at the north end of the Island, where a large breasted, naked girl claiming to be my biggest fan was waiting for me. The next few minutes went something like this, except with more goons getting murdered:

Close Close

There was no babe, but I did get to do a hilarious gag where I pilot a Sentinel's boot and crush some enemies with it, then say "yo dawg, I heard you like boots, so I put my boots in this boot, so I can stomp ya, while I stomp ya".

Aha, ha, ha. Ahhh Xzibit.. You had to be there. Sean, I'm losing them, give them some video game mumbo jumbo.

"[Rocksteady] grasped who Batman was, that's why those games were so awesome. They made sure everything in the game supported who Batman was. In Bayonetta they had really smooth, slick mechanics, even though they were second or third generation mechanics, and they'd been developing them for a while."

"I don't necessarily look at them as competition as much as I do inspiration in creating experiences. I love the idea of creating an experience that's more than just a single mechanic. That's what we're striving for with Deadpool, I think we're achieving some success with that.

Batman? What the hell is a Batman? To Wikipedia!

Reminder: Clear browser history

Wait, he doesn't have any powers? Just money? What. A. Loser.

Sean. SPEAK!

"It has to be a good action game, if it isn't, you can have all the jokes in the world but it would get old fast. We're gamers, we like to play, we need that feel, it needs to feel good, feel right.


"Batman is an icon, was well before I was born. I don't think you can compare a character like that to one that started in the 90s. I want to attract new fans, but we've got to take baby steps in terms of that.

Again with the Batman! I don't think we've spent enough time talking about me in this interview, Sean.

"Deadpool has a broader appeal than you might imagine, because he's made cameos across genres. He's hugely popular in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, he resonated with people. So we're appealing to a broader market of gamers, I don't know if we're going to drag in movie people and others, maybe we will but our Deadpool isn't that movie guy anyway."

Remember Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place? That was the last thing Ryan Reynolds did that didn't make me want to kill him.

"On the first outing with a character like this you have to start with the essence of that character, appeal to the people that know that character. Together that becomes a base. Deadpool is a character that's fun to talk about, it's almost infectious, that's why he's risen in popularity recently. There's a decent amount of recognition among gamers, those are the people we want to reach out to and have show up."

"He's a character that was genetically engineered to kick Wolverine and Spider-Man's ass in a battle of brawn and wit."

Damn right, but thanks to Dan Slott I don't have to anymore. Spoilers: Peter Parker is a vegetable! Cry fanboys. Cry.

Alright Sean, wrap it up, my hand does get tired eventually you know.

"Deadpool is a guy that actually wants people to like him, and he likes other people. That personality is what defines him, it's not just about making jokes. For me that's what we need to develop, at the end of the day if you don't like and want to hang out with Deadpool - despite the fact that he's socially inappropriate, awkward, certifiably insane - we've failed."

In short: Game is action game, stars best hero ever Deadpool, has shooting and cutting, is funny. I'm just going to go ahead and assume reviews will be brilliant and you'll all be coughing up the cash come release day. I'll get to work on my Game of the Year award acceptance speech. Deadpool out!

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