Final Fantasy: All the Bravest revealed, out tomorrow - trailer

Square Enix hits iOS with battle-focused spin-off

Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is a new battle-focused spin-off game for iOS - and its out tomorrow, January 17.


Square Enix calls it a 'touch-action RPG', in which you continuously battle enemies with huge parties to progress through the game.

As you defeat enemies you earn experience points and level-up, as well as unlock new slots to add new party members.

The game uses the series' tradition ATB (Active Time Battle) system, but players need only tap or drag their finger over a character to have them execute an attack once their ATB gauge is full charged.

As the trailer below shows, the game features fast-paced battles in which enormous player parties force you to rapidly tap your fighters in quick succession unleashing a barrage of attacks at your enemies.

The game will feature characters and enemies from throughout the Final Fantasy series, including over 20 jobs. It'll also include over 30 songs from soundtracks across the entire Final Fantasy series.

It's out tomorrow on the iTunes App Store or, if you're in New Zealand, it's out now.

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