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Tekken Card Tournament merges virtual and physical card battle

Free-to-play online and smartphone game and physical card game coming

Namco Bandai has revealed Tekken Card Tournament - a duo of products that'll materialise both in the form of a free-to-play video game and as a physical card game.

The Tekken Card Tournament video game will be a free-to-play card battle title for smartphones, tablets and web browsers, allowing gamers to enter the King of Iron Fist tournament and compete in strategic card-based bouts.

Physical Tekken Card Tournament 'booster pack' cards will also be sold in shops. These can be used to play a standalone card game, and can also be scanned into the video game via QR code tech, allowing players to transfer characters or upgrades to the virtual world.

The video game will also feature an augmented reality feature comparable to 3DS and Vita - point the camera at the booster pack cards and in-game characters will appear to spawn in the real world.

Namco promises "amazing visuals on all devices", and cross-platform online multiplayer.

The Tekken Card Tournament game will arrive "soon", while the physical cards will appear in shops in Spring. Screenshots are below.