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Aliens: Colonial Marines Kick Ass trailer takes names

Brand new Aliens trailer packed with chest-bursting gameplay

"It's another glorious day in the Corps!" and a new day brings a brand new Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay trailer, with Gearbox's titular marines ready to kick ass and take names. It's what they do.

We've already enjoyed some excellent story, Hadley's Hope and Alien Hive movies, but this latest Kick Ass trailer concentrates on what the Marines do best - kicking alien butt.

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Yet, there's also a few clues on how the opening encounter of Colonial Marines plays out and it doesn't look too clever for the marines. The recon party sent to the USS Solaco evidently ran into a world of pain and had to retreat to the surface with their tails between their legs.

"Rhino 23 ran into a shit storm aboard the USS Solaco. Now we gotta pull them outta the fire. We don't leave marines behind. "

Slow down the action and you'll also catch further glimpses of the new model Bishop, a pilot who looks suspiciously like alien fodder Corporal Ferro from the movie, plus action featuring your new squad mates Bella, smart gunner O'Neal and Mohican-sporting Quintaro.

There's glimpses of marine hardware like the flamethrower, shotgun (which you'll want to keep handy for close encounters) and also plenty of facehuggers and chest-bursting action too, with Marine Keyes meeting a very sorry and painful end.

Best advice? "If it moves, kill it. If it doesn't move, kill it again."

Fans of Aliens: The Director's Cut will also be able to spot some familiar looking tech in the form of the auto-guns, machine gun sentries which relentlessly mow down waves of invading xenomorphs - providing their ammo holds out.

It's also worth persisting right to the end to keep an eye out for an old friend, the powered loader which Ripley used to battle the Alien queen at the climax of the movie. Looks like there's another one of these available for you to enjoy with patented neck-snapping hydraulics built in. That's decent fan service.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will release on 12th February on PC, Xbox and PS3.