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The great THQ bankruptcy auction

From Saints Row to Metro Last Light to uDraw - CVG examines assets for sale during today's sell-off

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Proven IP for sale

Company of Heroes


The commercial success of this World War RTS is a matter for debate - numbers have been tightly guarded - but the IP here has obvious potential. Company of Heroes is a widely acclaimed series that stands out in a highly competitive PC genre, and with a sequel apparently closing towards the end of production, this might be a steal.



Will this apocalyptic action adventure ever become a true star IP? Vigil's widely acclaimed series is often said to have elements that even the likes of Zelda could benefit from aping. Sales have never matched expectations - in the US it shifted 255,000 units in a fortnight, but globally it needed to sell two million units to break even and THQ claims that never happened.



The PC aficionado's FPS of choice, Metro 2033 started as a slow burner and, without hardly any help from THQ, turned into a bit of a cult classic via word of mouth. The more high-profile sequel, in development at 4A Games, is due for release in March.

Punts with potential

Red Faction


It's been a slow agonising death for this eleven year-old series that broke onto the scene with the once bold promise of destructible environments. Red Faction: Armageddon was a financial disappointment and the series has been cancelled since. Still, if you're working on a destructible environment game, might be worth a reskin?



Bouncing out of 2008 with numerous 'Best Wii Game' awards in tow, DeBlob was one of the few third-part Wii games that publishers can look back on with a bit of a smile. In the post-Wii era, this IP seems a snug fit with casual consoles such as smartphones and tablets.



This off-road racing franchise spawned five separate titles before its final game fell off a cliff and THQ decided to invest elsewhere. Racing games tend to be more successful at the onset of a new generation of systems (pretty things moving fast), so there could be potential for a revival here.

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