Dust 514 enters open beta on PS3 - trailer

Sample the free-to-play "next generation FPS"

CCP Games has announced that Dust 514 is now officially in open beta.


Billed as the "next generation of first-person shooter", the free-to-play PS3 game operates in the same universe as subscription-based PC space combat simulator Eve Online, connecting the two different titles across the two platforms in real time.

When their squad achieves certain conditions in battle, team leaders among Dust's planet-based players will be able to call on Eve's space-based players to deploy orbital bombardments which aid them in battles.

CCP is also keen to find a way for PS3 players to hit back at PC ones, whether that's firing directly at space-based ships using orbital artillery outposts or by some other means.

"I think it's the most meaningful shooter that has ever been made," Kristoffer Touborg, lead game designer on Eve, told us of Dust during a trip to the studio's Iceland-based headquarters last week, which you can read more about here.

CCP today confirmed there will be no further character resets now that Dust 514 has entered open beta. It also said it's committed to continually improving upon the overall Dust experience over the coming weeks and years by adding new features and content.

Principal game designer Kjartan Pierre Emilsson told us: "In the coming years we foresee the gameplay connections between PC and PS3 becoming ever-increasing. For us this is a very long-term vision."

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