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Dead Space 3: Xbox 360 vs PS3 comparison video

How do they stack up? Check out side-by-side gameplay footage

Dead Space 3 just two weeks away from release, and if you have the privilege of a chose of platforms you'll probably be interested in finding out how the two console versions stack up.


We've put together this HD comparison video for you to see how they compare when placed side-by-side.

Close Close

If you feel like taking a closer look, check out the just-released demos on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Visceral Games has recently revealed that Dead Space 3 on PC will be a straight port of the console version. That said, it appears the PC version of Dead Space 3 will only offer a few custom graphic options, but will not support Direct X 11, nor will it feature enhanced textures beyond what will feature in the console version.

Dead Space 3 will hit shelves on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on February 5 in North America. February 7 in Australia, and February 8 in Europe.