Crytek acquires Homefront in THQ auction

Full ownership now in the hands of the Homefront 2 developer

Crytek has snapped up the Homefront franchise in THQ's major IP auction this week, it has been confirmed.


THQ had already commissioned Crytek to build the successor to its military FPS Homefront in 2011. The original game was developed at New York outfit Koas Studios, which THQ closed down in 2011.

Homefront 2 is being handled by Crytek's Nottingham-based UK studio (formerly Free Radical), which most recently worked on Crysis 2's multiplayer component.

It is alleged by investment blogger 'Distressed Debt' that the acquisition cost $500,000. This has not been confirmed.

According to its original announcement press release, Homefront 2 will "benefit from the very latest CryENGINE technology".

After two years of battling against the tide, the company declared itself bankrupt and its assets have been stripped off for sale. The official results of the IP auction are currently emerging..