Koch Media acquires Saints Row dev Volition & Metro series

$22.3 million for Volition, $5.8m for Metro

Volition, the Champaign, Illinois-based developer of the Saints Row series, has been acquired by European distribution and publishing firm Koch Media as part of this week's THQ IP auction.


The hammer went down at $22.3 million, beating out Ubisoft which was also reportedly interested in the developer.

Former THQ exec VP Danny Bilson confirmed in November 2011 that work on Saints Row 4 had begun at Volition, which was promised to be even 'wilder' than the outrageously over-the-top Saints Row: The Third.

Koch was also the winning bidder on the Metro series, which will change hands for $5.8 million. The latest game in the Metro series, Metro: Last Light, developed by Ukraine-based 4A Games, is due for release in March 2013.

It's unclear if the change of publisher will have any impact on the schedules for these titles.

After two years of battling against the tide, THQ declared itself bankrupt and its assets were stripped off for sale on Wednesday. The publisher will now close completely.