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Take-Two grabs Turtle Rock Studios' new IP 'Evolve' in THQ auction

Take-Two outbids developer to secure new co-op action game

Take-Two Interactive has acquired new IP 'Evolve' in the week's THQ IP auctions, outbidding the game's own developer, Turtle Rock Studios.


Turtle Rock - co-developer of the Left 4 Dead series - had placed a backup bid of $250,000 to take full ownership of its new 'Evolve' IP, but was beaten by the $10.8 million bid from Take-Two.

Little is known about Evolve, other than it being a shooter which was first outed as a 'co-op action game' in legal documents related to THQ's bankruptcy filings in December 2012.

Turtle Rock confirmed in late 2011 that it was working on a new game for THQ powered by CryEngine 3, as prior reports had suggested.

After two turbulent years, THQ declared itself bankrupt and its assets were stripped off for sale on Wednesday. The publisher will now close completely.