THQ back catalogue to be sold in a 'separate process'

Darksiders, MX vs. ATV, and Red Faction still up for sale

Those of THQ's IPs not sold off during the publisher's bankruptcy auction will be given a second chance in a separate auction, according to company president Jason Rubin.


Vigil's Darksiders franchise, along with 'back catalogue' franchises such as Red Faction and MX vs ATV, remain in the hands of THQ.

But according to Rubin, those franchises may yet still survive as additional sale 'processes' are still on the horizon.

"There will be a separate process to sell off the back catalog and IP," Rubin told Game Informer.

"That process will take place in the coming weeks," he said, although its unclear if said processes involve further auctioning or individually-arranged sales.

Vigil Studios, which remained unsold as proceedings came to a close yesterday, was working on a 'fantastic' and 'truly unique' game codenamed 'Crawler', according to Rubin.