Halo 4 DLC: Spartan Ops episode 7 trailer

New missions launching alongside multiplayer update on Monday

Microsoft has released a trailer for next week's Halo 4 DLC release, Spartan Ops episode seven.


Season one of the Spartan Ops DLC will consist of ten episodes and 50 missions.

Set around six months after the events of the campaign they essentially form a sequel to the main game focusing on two Spartan squads, Crimson and Majestic, rather than furthering Master Chief's storyline. Here's the official blurb for episode seven:

As Lasky confronts Halsey for her actions, the Infinity is invaded by Promethean Knights and Sangheili terrorist Jul 'Mdama gets closer to unlocking the secrets of the Librarian

Episode seven will go live on Monday, January 28 alongside a Halo 4 multiplayer update which will introduce the Grifball playlist and unlock two new Specializations, Engineer and Stalker.

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