Wii U Virtual Console games incompatible with Wii VC save data

Older VC save data won't work with re-purchased Wii U versions

Save files created by Wii Virtual Console games won't be compatible with Wii U Virtual Console games.


Nintendo confirmed as much to Kotaku today following last week's announcement of its plans for the Wii U's Virtual Console.

During last week's Nintendo Direct broadcast, the platform holder revealed that it will offer significant discounts to those who purchase a Wii U Virtual Console title that they previously owned on Wii.

But those who do so will not be able to transfer their saved progress from the Wii version of a game to the Wii U version.

The Wii U Virtual Console service will launch after the spring system update. The entire Wii line-up won't be available as soon as the service starts. Only a selection of NES and SNES titles will be ready to purchase. All games will be reprogrammed for the Wii U - allowing users to play the game on the GamePad, as well as post their data to the Miiverse.