Pokemon Black/White 2 passes 7.6 million sales

Nintendo highlights portable game sales figures for the quarter ended December 31

Pokemon Black/White 2 has sold around 7.63 million copies worldwide since its release last year.


That's as reported in Nintendo's Q3 financials, ended December 31. The first direct sequel in the main Pokemon series, Black/White 2 released in Japan in June 2012, with and in US and EU in October 2012.

Other notable sales figures in the financials include Super Mario 3D Land at 12.71 million sales worldwide, New Super Mario Bros. 2 at 5.96 million sales, and the 2011-released Mario Kart 7, which is continues to "sell steadily" with around 39.56 million sales.

As reported earlier, Wii U titles New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land have both managed to pass the 2 million sales milestone.