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Bioshock Infinite: five reasons why it's like no other shooter

Three-hour hands-on in Irrational's beautiful Columbia

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The game is genuinely funny

That's right - it's not all ethereal beauty and cognitive dissonance in the world of Infinite. Once Elizabeth comes into the picture, Booker DeWitt evolves from relatively silent protagonist to something of a wise-cracker - but not in the traditional Arnie-in-Total Recall fashion. The droll banter between DeWitt and Elizabeth reaches surreal proportions at times, but even then, you'll probably get more of a laugh listening in to NPC's conversations, or paying attention to the lavishly detailed environments. Even the simple act of riding the Sky Hooks is inherently entertaining, especially when you turn around and notice Elizabeth behind you, riding several kilometres above the earth like it ain't no thing.


The gameworld is ripe for exploration

You'll get lost in Bioshock: Infinite. There is usually only one direction that you need to travel in to complete the mission at hand, but unless you spam the hint button you're likely to get lost a couple of times finding it. During our playthrough, we found whole explorable buildings that were non-essential, yet filled with detail and characters. Riding the Sky Hook can make for a disorientating experience, especially if you land somewhere you're not meant to. Of course, we've come to expect a certain level of detail from Irrational Games, but it feels like Bioshock: Infinite sets a new standard - this is a world that feels like it existed before you got here. It wasn't made especially to be a fun place to kill things. There's few artificial borders here, unless you count the blue abyss that Columbia floats on.

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