Football Manager 'still not where we want it to be,' says SI boss

Studio aiming for even stronger critical reception following '13 sales success

Football Manager 2013 is the fastest selling game in the series to date, says developer Sports Interactive - but boss Miles Jacobson has suggested the studio's not ready to rest on its laurels.


The latest instalment in the management sim, which introduced casual features via the new 'time friendly' Classic Mode, is said to have enjoyed double-digit growth worldwide compared to the previous game.

According to MCV, claims that the game hasn't been pirated yet, plus growth in territories such as Turkey, also factor into FM13's growth.

"In a year where the market is down almost everywhere, we're significantly up, double digit up on a global level," said Jacobson.

"FM Handheld on iOS is also double digit up, over half a million units sold globally. Even the PSP game did better than we expected. For a studio that's in its 21st year now, to still see record sales is something we are really proud of."

Despite the strong performance and overly positive reviews, Jacobson admitted he won't be completely satisfied until the series achieves an even stronger critical reception.

"FM13 was our highest reviewed game for some time - 87 on Metacritic - but it's still not where we want to be, which is 90," he told MCV.

"There's no reason why a triple-A PC title, which we are, shouldn't be competing with a triple-A console title."