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The Showdown Effect beta and pre-orders now open

'Multiplayer 2.5D' shooter from Arrowhead Game Studios

Publisher Paradox Interactive has begun taking pre-orders on its competitive multiplayer '2.5D' shooter, The Showdown Effect, on PC.


It has also confirmed that anyone who places a pre-order on the game via its official site will get immediate access to the now-live multiplayer beta.

The Showdown Effect is a 2D-style, fast-paced online multiplayer shooter with a cheesy '80s/'90s action movie theme, in development at Arrowhead Game Studios. See a trailer below.

Pre-orders will also receive "bonus toys, including a new weapon skin, allowing them to wield the deadly Fusion Saber of Light", explains the publisher.

The standard game is $9.99 and will release March 5. A Digital Deluxe Edition is also available for $19.99 which comes with an extra playable character, two character costumes, two weapon skins, the official soundtrack, a permanent three per cent XP boost, and early game access on March 1.

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