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Retro Vault: Street Fighter II, NES, Streets Of Rage

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April 1992: The CD-ROM rumours begin (CVG issue 125)

The SNES was still a month from UK release in April 1992 yet already rumours had started to spread of various CD-ROM systems and add-ons. CVG's 'spies in Japan' sent over images of a bunch of in-production consoles, including the ill-fated Nintendo Super CD.

The article also featured the JVC Mega CD - a bizarre Mega Drive and Mega CD combo that looked a bit like the eventual Mega Drive 2 - and the first ever reveal of the ultimately rubbish CDi, which we hyped up as the potential "future of home entertainment".

It's the exclusive reveal of the Sony PlayStation that best shows off our powers of prediction, however. In 1992 Sony was still more than two years away from releasing its first games system and the general consensus was that it didn't have the gaming experience to just muscle in and compete with Sega and Nintendo. "This looks like the sad lad of the pack," we grumbled, sarcastically adding that it "looks set to have the same awesome success that Sony's Betamax had. Ace it ain't".

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