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1993: Sega Mega CD promotional video

Sega released its Mega Drive CD-ROM add-on in the UK in 1993, promising incredible new gameplay experiences, stunning full-motion video and CD-quality sound. Sadly, only one of those three promises came true (as anyone who remembers the Sol-Feace soundtrack will testify).

To promote the Mega CD, Sega created this snazzy video and gave VHS copies of it to everyone who attended the Gamesmaster Live event at the Birmingham NEC in 1992. It was also given away free with an issue of Mean Machines Sega magazine.

While the Mega CD was ultimately a bit rubbish, it was still responsible for some memorable games including Sonic CD, Hideo Kojima's Snatcher and, of course, the controversial Night Trap (more on that in our retrospective feature).

Even so, watching this over-the-top promo video complete with ridiculous Joe Satriani guitar riffs and weird claymation bits makes us desperately want a Mega CD all over again, even though we know it was guff. That's the power of advertising.

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