Capcom canvassing Street Fighter character popularity for 'future games'

Information will also be used for marketing and licensing opportunities

Capcom is asking Street Fighter fans to vote for their favourite characters with the results set to impact "future games, marketing, and licensing opportunities".


Posting on Capcom Unity, Capcom's Peter Rosas said the results of the poll will be shared at PAX East, suggesting that the company may have something new to show in March.

In November of last year Capcom filed a trademark for 'Fighters of Capcom', seemingly indicating it is planning to unite its sizeable cast of brawlers for a new project.

While an all-star fighting game with Capcom's finest duking it out seems like the most obvious application, the catch all patent also encompassed "screen saver software and wallpaper software", "downloadable graphics and music via a global computer network" and "ring tones for mobile phones and smart phones".

Capcom recently announced positive financial results for the first three quarters of its financial year ending March 31 2013.

Resident Evil 6 "surpassed" 4.8 million sales during the nine month period, but Capcom admitted it lost momentum quicker than expected and failed to hit internal targets.