J.J. Abrams and Valve 'in talks' for collaboration

Pair tease announcement during DICE Summit talk

Star Wars director J.J. Abrams and Valve are in talks to produce a movie based on Portal or Half-Life.


Valve's Gabe Newell revealed at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas today that the pair have "reached the point where we decided to do more than talk."

No firm announcement was made at the summit, though Newell confirmed he wants to "talk about making movies" centred on either the Portal or Half-Life franchises.

Abrams teased that he also has "an idea for a game" he'd like to collaborate on with the Left 4 Dead studio.

Valve and Abrams' work previously crossed paths with the Super 8 'interactive trailer' hidden in Portal 2 on PC.

Abrams' previous work includes Lost, Cloverfield and the 2009 reboot of Star Trek.