Wii U captured 1.6% of UK software sales in January

Figure published as Iwata says Nintendo performs "least favourably" in the UK

Wii U games accounted for just 1.6 per cent of total UK software sales in January, according to new data.


Last week a NeoGAF user published monthly UK software sales for January, which suggested that Nintendo's newest console shifted about 34,000 games during the month, including copies of Nintendo Land bundled with the system. The numbers are consistent with CVG's own internal data.

Not a single Wii U exclusive game has charted in the UK all formats top 40 during 2013. And at an investor presentation held at the end of January, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said "out of all the major countries in which we operate, we perform least favourably in the UK".

Last month Nintendo lowered its annual Wii U sales forecast from 5.5 million units to four million following weaker than expected demand for the console. However, Iwata moved quickly to rule out the possibility of a Wii U price cut.

Meanwhile, January's software sales figures showed that Xbox 360 games accounted for the lion's share of the UK games market, ahead of PS3 and PC titles.

January software sales (market share):

  • Xbox 360: 810,000 (38.4%)
  • PS3: 545,000 (25.8%)
  • PC: 228,000 (10.8%)
  • Wii: 182,000 (8.6%)
  • DS: 139,000 (6.6%)
  • 3DS: 112,000 (5.3%)
  • Vita: 46,000 (2.2%)
  • Wii U: 34,000 (1.6%)
  • PSP: 13,000 (0.6%)
  • PS2: 2,000 (0.1%)