Tank! Tank! Tank! goes free-to-play on Wii U

Individual game modes can be bought separately

Nintendo has announced that Namco Bandai's Tank! Tank! Tank! will be released as a free-to-play game on the European Wii U eShop on Thursday.

The party title was released as a full retail game in Europe, but was download-only in Japan, where it used a similar free-to-play model.

The game will be free to download in Europe from this Thursday, and each game mode can be played three times each day, free of charge.

If you wish to play a game mode more than that, each part of the game can be unlocked for a fee. Each part will cost £7.99 but until 28 February they will only cost £1.59, a saving of 80%.

Many critics believed the My Kong multiplayer mode was the most entertaining aspect of Tank! Tank! Tank! so with that in mind, paying just £1.59 for that alone seems like a good deal.

CORRECTION: This offer has been announced only for Europe.

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