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Retro Vault: The 16-bit war, GoldenEye and Donkey Kong Country

Plus: a look back at an Alien game that WASN'T a disappointment

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August 1997: GoldenEye 007 promotional artwork

When it was first announced alongside various other Nintendo 64 games in development, barely anyone batted a (golden) eye at Rare's Bond movie tie-in (really sorry!). Early footage of the game at Nintendo's Shoshinkai trade show suggested a light gun game in the Virtua Cop mould, and as such its presences was ignored in favour of other games on display, such as Super Mario 64 and Star Wars: Shadow Of The Empire.

It wasn't until the game neared release that the media started paying attention to what would ultimately be considered the first truly amazing console FPS. The fantastic mission-based single-player mode favoured stealth over all-out action and featured what was at the time a revolutionary enemy AI that would run for alarms, dodge your shots and react differently depending on where you shot them.

It was the multiplayer mode that earned GoldenEye a place among gaming's greats, however. Look back at it now with a modern eye and it's a blurry, clunky splitscreen jumble running at a frame rate that barely sits above double digits. Back then, however, GoldenEye multiplayer was responsible for many late nights, missed classes and friend fallouts. Still the best film tie-in ever? Many would argue so.

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