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March 1992: The most insulting letters page ever (CVG issue 124)

If you want proof that the relationship between games publications and its readers have changed drastically in the last 20 years, here's the much-loved Yob's Mailbag, a long-running CVG letters page in which a fictional character called Yob would answer readers' letters with an attitude suiting the early '90s.

Arguably the high/low point in Yob's life was issue 124, with its "Stupid Thickie Special", in which notably rubbish letters were printed along with some fairly harsh insults from Yob.

One reader was deemed a "Baboon Brain", another was told he was "too stupid to live", while another was informed he had "a brain the size of a gnat's wedding tackle". And the decision to call a 13-year-old boy from Eslov, Sweden a "stupid Swede"... well, that one was fair enough, actually. Click each page to read it in greater detail.

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