Showtime: What will Sony reveal at its PlayStation Meeting?

So close to E3 and yet so far, what cards will Sony play on Feb 20 and what will be kept hidden?

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Doubtful and dubious


The final controller
The last time CVG met with its sources to discuss the PS4 pad, the general impression we got was that there was no unanimity within PlayStation on how its controller should finally look. There was talk of mixing touch-screens and biometric sensors, while other games publications say it features a "share" button and track-pad on the back.

A photo of the controller (attached to a PS4 dev kit) has surfaced online (yes it's genuine) - but we're not entirely convinced it's the final build, or representative of how the final pad will look.

Despite this being one of the most discussed elements of the PS4, it's far from certain that Sony has decided on a final design and is ready to show it to the public.


Date and price
It would be unwise for Sony to date its machine before production even starts and outline its RRP before it has gauged public reaction as well as final costs. Such all-important details may come at E3, but the world may have to wait even longer still.

There might be a brief moment of on-stage discussion about price and dates. Sony may find it in its best interest to finally admit that, of course, five hundred and ninety-nine US dollars was an unreasonable target, and assure that its next system will be more affordable. Since there's also speculation about a delay in Europe, it might want to assure general targets for release too.

And you?
What do you expect to see on Wednesday evening? Share your views in the comments section below.

Reminder: We're going to be displaying a PlayStation Meeting live video feed HERE (bookmarks, people!), which will include our own reactions via a live blog displayed beneath the video. We'll also have our news team at battle stations and a man on the ground in New York, offering the fastest news and finest analysis available.

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