Watch Dogs out holiday 2013, says 'leaked' promo

Ubisoft sci-fi tipped for a late 2013 launch on "all home consoles" on promo poster pics

Allegedly leaked photos of promo materials for Ubisoft's sci-fi action game, Watch Dogs, point to a "holiday 2013" release on "all home consoles".


While Ubisoft has previously confirmed a vague 2013 release, the 'Holiday' window narrows that down somewhat. The leaked photos, passed to Kotaku, also feature press quotes which call the game a "truly next-gen adventure", hinting at a PS4/next-Xbox release, which are also heavily tipped to launch later this year.

The game has previously been confirmed for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, but the publisher has been reluctant to confirm the title for next-generation consoles, despite the popular belief that the high-end visuals which stole the spotlight at last year's E3 expo were well beyond the scope of current-gen console hardware.

A release on "all home consoles" would also suggest a Wii U launch.

Ubisoft Montreal producer Dominic Guay said in June 2012 that the third-person, open-world action game will be released on as many platforms as possible.

Ubisoft senior vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key declined to comment on today's leaked materials or details regarding a next-gen release. "Ubisoft is pleased with the response for Watch Dogs from media and fans," he said. "The game is an original IP that has been created from the ground up at Ubisoft Montreal with inspiration from many titles and ideas the studio has worked on throughout the years."