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Bungie aims to make Destiny accessible to all skill levels

Will still be engaging for both the hardcore and the casual gamer

Bungie has announced that it aims to make Destiny accessible and enjoyable to both casual and hardcore audiences.


Bungie co-founder Jason Jones explained to Shack News that the studio hopes Destiny will appeal to a wider audience, outside of hardcore players.

Jones states that "if you have the basic coordination to play a shooter, you can experience all Destiny has to offer. All core activities can be enjoyed by a novice player, even as we get into those complex six-player activities, like raids."

Jones explains that Bungie wants "everybody that wants to play to be able to play Destiny." The studio understands that people simply "want to be entertained, they want to become heroes, they want to feel things they don't feel in their everyday lives. So our core experience has to be delivered as simply and directly as possible."

Making a game accessible to all skill levels is completely separate to keeping it enjoyable to both sets of players. Jones admits that making a game that will be interesting to both casual and hardcore audiences is challenging, and although he doesn't explain how Bungie will do so here with Destiny, he is confident they will. "We're going to succeed because we're advanced players. We play our own games all the time. We'd go crazy if it was anything less than fun."