John Romero may be set to work with Square Enix

id Software legend references a 'deal'

John Romero last week visited Square Enix's California headquarters to discuss a deal, according to a Facebook status update by the legendary designer.


Romero, who co-founded id Software and now owns the social / mobile games studio Loot Drop, tagged himself at the Square Enix headquarters in California on Facebook last week, along with the words "now let's get a deal done." The update was posted on February 15.

While it's unclear what the deal entails, Square Enix's increased focus on mobile and social gaming points towards a possible collaboration in that space.

Loot Drop's most recent project Ghost Recon: Commander was cancelled by Ubisoft last year on the grounds that its "game play mechanics did not resonate with the core gamer audience." It was nominated in the Golden Joystick Awards as one of the year's best browser/flash games.