Screen Australia to invest $20m in video game industry

Funding aimed at curbing job migration

Screen Australia will invest $20m of funding into the video game industry.


Screen Australia has released a draft of the guidelines for its investment of $20m into the video game industry.

Screen Australia's chief operating officer Fiona Cameron, has stated that "games are growing faster than any other entertainment sector and Australian developers have had extraordinary global cut through as demonstrated by the success of home-grown games such as Real Racing, Fruit Ninja and LA Noire."

With that in mind, and noting that the biggest pressures facing the industry is job migration and falling foreign investment, Screen Australia is committing to $20m of funding over three years, for the video game industry.

Over the next 12 months, Screen Australia plans to distribute $4-5m for games production, as well as $2-3m to support sustainability of the business.

Screen Australia hopes the funding will promote collaboration between different areas of the screen production industry.