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Sony/Gaikai registers 'PlayStation Cloud' domains

Sony possibly preparing for announcements at tomorrow's PlayStation Meeting

Multiple domains recently registered by Sony/Gaikai suggest that the platform holder could be preparing to announce a new 'PlayStation Cloud' service at tomorrow's PlayStation Meeting event.


Superannuation has dug up domains for '', '' and '', all registered on February 15 by Gaikai - the cloud gaming service which Sony acquired in July last year.

This comes just as the industry braces for what it expects to be the unveiling of Sony's next-generation PlayStation 4, or codename 'Orbis', at tomorrow's NYC event.

A report last week claimed that the PlayStation 4 will be capable of playing PS3 games via cloud streaming service Gaikai.

If true, this would provide a feasible solution to the issue of backwards compatibility on the new console - a feature that would be otherwise difficult to achieve due the likelihood of a vastly differing internal architecture to PS3.

Sony has kept quiet on its plans for Gaikai, other than to say that while it "will be focused on Sony's game machines", that "expanding the technology to other Sony products is absolutely within the frame".

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