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PlayStation Evolution video talks redefining video games

Daily video series discusses the definition of gaming

Sony has released the fifth video in its 'Evolution' series, which have released daily in the lead up to the expected unveiling of PlayStation 4 at tomorrow's PlayStation Meeting event.


This one is titled 'Changing the Definition of Game' and discusses PlayStation's role in defining the games industry as it is today.

It also talks at length about the significance of Gran Turismo in defining modern gaming - a series which Sony used to show off the power of both PS2 and PS3 with launch-day demos. Might we see something of a next-generation Gran Turismo tomorrow?

PSOne, PS2 and PS3 videos went live over the weekend, hailing the arrival of Sony's gaming platform and its evolution over the years. A PSP/Vita video also arrived yesterday.

Follow the latest PS4 news in our live blog and hit the link to see what we expect to be announced at the PlayStation Meeting tomorrow.

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