PlayStation 4 release date November 2013 - report

'Reliable source' tips $429 and $529 versions of PS4 for November release

The PlayStation 4 will be released in US in November 2013, reports Kotaku citing a 'reliable source'.


Kotaku says the information comes from the same source who leaked the codenames for both Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles, 'Orbis' and 'Durango' respectively.

According to the report, Sony will launch two versions of the console in November 2013, with prices of $429 and $529, although it doesn't detail exactly how the two SKUs will differ. It also notes that pricing won't be officially confirmed at tomorrow's PlayStation Meeting event, and that this will possibly be announced at E3 in June. The source also sent through two new pictures of the PS4 controller - pictured below - which appear to match up with photos of a prototype leaked last week.

The report goes on to claim that the PS4 will be controllable using smartphones or tablets, including the ability to speak with PS4 friends and buy games directly via said devices. Games purchased remotely will apparently be automatically downloaded to the console.

Additionally, it claims that Sony's 'PlayStation Plus' service will be replaced by a new subscription service called 'PlayStation World' and that, like Xbox Live on Xbox 360, "most" of the PS4's online features will require a subscription to use. There's no indication of whether or not this is related to the recently registered 'PlayStation Cloud' domains which sparked rumours earlier today.

The PS4 will also apparently allow you to spectate your online friends playing a game even if you don't own the game being played - which sounds similar to spectator features in cloud gaming service OnLive, which lets you watch live gameplay streams of other players.

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Edge recently reported that next generation PlayStation will launch in Japan and the US by the end of 2013 but will not be released in Europe until "early 2014".


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