Sony gifts free PSN credit to 'loyal' customers

$10 credit received by North American PSN users

A number of PlayStation Network users have received free credit from Sony to spend on the PlayStation Store this week.


Users via NeoGAF and Twitter have posted images of the voucher, sent as a message via the PS3 XMB messaging menu, with a message which reads, "Thank you for being a loyal customer and fan of the PlayStation Network. As a token of our appreciation, we've sent you $10.00 to spend on the PlayStation Store."

Both $10 and $5 amounts have been received, although it's unclear exactly what qualifies as a 'loyal' customer.

According to reports, the vouchers expire on March 5, so it's advisable to check your inbox as soon as possible.

Sony is expected to reveal the PlayStation 4 at tonight's PlayStation Meeting event, kicking off 6pm Eastern time / 11pm UK time. Watch it live here.