MotorStorm developer reveals 'Drive Club' for PS4 - gameplay trailer

Next-gen racer focuses on team-based online racing

Evolution Studios has unveiled 'the racing game we've always wanted to make', Drive Club, for PlayStation 4.

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Drive Club is a game to play in real clubs, in real time and asynchronously, and will feature racing and challenges for players to complete, explained the developer.

The game will link to a companion app on smartphones and tablets, where players will have "24/7 unteathered access to their club".

The app will also let you set up race challenges and release them into the public for players to complete, or organise huge tournaments of thousands of players.

The developer promises visual detail that's 'borderline insane', with detailed car models right down to individual fibers in carbon fiber panels and reflections on the bulbs in the headlight arrays.

Gameplay shown revealed the player getting into the seat of a Koenigsegg in a first-person view, and starting the engine before racing against others.

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