Media Molecule shows off PS Move demos on PS4

Puppet dancing and sculpturing demonstrated

Media Molecule's Alex Evans took the stage at Sony's PS4 unveiling event today to demonstrate new tech demos using the Move controller with the next-generation console.

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Evans didn't announce any games, but appeared to hint that the studio will embrace the motion controller for a future title. "We are going to marry [the Move controller] with the power of the PlayStation 4, we are going to revolutionise 'making'", said Evans.

Calling PS4 'the creative console', MM showed off two tech demos aimed at demonstrating new ideas at the LittleBigPlanet developer focused around player-created content and motion controlled tools that allow simple creative freedom on PS4.

The first one showed users capable of crafting detailed sculptures using the Move controller. It also showed a detailed scene apparently built using the 'hundreds' of sculptures that the MM dev team had crafted with the tech demo.

The second demo showed multiple players each using a Move controller to manipulate puppets, which formed a band and played music.

You can see Media Molecule's entire presentation below:

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