Quantic Dream PS4 tech demo shows next-gen engine - video

Heavy Rain developer has "completely new engine" ready for next-gen

Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream has a "completely new engine" up and running for next-generation game development, as it demonstrated briefly at today's PlayStation Meeting event.

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Studio boss David Cage turned up not to announce any new games, but to discuss how the improved technology will allow future games to achieve a level of emotional connection in characters that was previously only possible in live-action or high-end CGI movies.

"Quantic Dream has developed a completely new engine," said Cage, as footage of the head of an 'old man' showed on the screen behind him.

"What you see is running in realtime on the PlayStation 4. It is our first attempt at using advanced skin shaders with translucency, realistic eye shaders, volumetric lights, 3D depth of field and many many other features that were, up until today, reserved to CG films," he said.

"This is the quality that we will get in our future games and we know we can go even further. But more important than these technical features, we start to reach a point where you can see very subtle emotions on the face of a character, where you can feel his emotions just from looking at his face, or you can see his soul just from looking into his eyes."

While the studio has been tipped to be working on a mystery project alongside Beyond: Two Souls - possibly for PS4 - specifics on the developer's plans for the next-generation console were left out of Cage's stint on stage.

Check out the demo below:

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