PS4: Vita, iOS and Android devices to function as second screens

Next-gen games will be playable on Sony's handheld

Sony said today that Vita, along with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, will be capable of acting as second screens for PS4.

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The platform holder talked up the functionality at the PS4 reveal event as a way to "wrap gamers in their favourite content wherever they are".

The new console will allow Vita users to "seamlessly pull PS4 titles from their living room TVs" and play them on the portable over Wi-Fi, the firm said.

A new PlayStation app will also enable players to supplement their PS4 game playing experience by - for example - displaying maps or inventory screens on the supporting device.

Sony also said portable devices will enable users to "remotely watch other gamers playing".

The company has confirmed a holiday 2013 PS4 release date.