PS4 will not block pre-owned, Sony exec confirms

PlayStation 4 hardware will read and play second-hand games, says Yoshida

PlayStation 4 will not feature technologies that make pre-owned games unplayable on the system, according to a senior executive at PlayStation.

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After months of speculation regarding the PlayStation corporation's stance on pre-owned games, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer that used games can function on the next generation system.

But Yoshida did not clarify whether PlayStation 4 customers would have 'original owner rights' to second hand games, or whether users might need to pay for online passes or other such rights.

However, the nature of Yoshida's response suggested that he wants PlayStation 4 owners to not be impeded in any manner if they purchase second-hand games.

"The general expectation by consumers is, if they purchase physical form, they want to use it everywhere, right? So that's my expectation."

Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 at a New York press conference on Wednesday.

The PS4 release date is set for "holiday 2013", likely across Japan, Europe and the US.