Bleszinski: games industry 'in a massive state of turmoil'

Designer thinks now is the worst time to exit semi-retirement

Former Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinki thinks the games industry is in a state of turmoil not seen since the 1980s crash.

Speaking to GamesIndustry International, Bleszinski says now would be an unwise time to exit his semi-retirement. He's opting instead to wait out the current climate to see which platform emerges victorious.

"The business has not been in a state of transition like it is right now since the video game crash of the '80s," the Gears of War designer said.


"I really think we're in a massive state of turmoil. I think Nintendo could possibly be faced with the situation of becoming a company that only makes software moving forward. I think Sony and Microsoft are about to come to major blows.

"But at the same time, people love playing games on their iPad. The PC is going through a wonderful renaissance right now. I think we're ready to do digital download games all the time... I just want to see what happens."

Bleszinki went on the compare the competitive games industry with a game of Super Smash Bros. He also said the major console companies need to remove the red tape that prevents developers from improving their games on the fly.

"They are going to need to reduce that time as much as possible, as well as continue to enable user-supported mods, independent games, and really just get rid of the wall that makes it incredibly hard to find those products."

Bleszinski last year expressed his desire to work on something "new and fresh and sort of redefine my legacy." He is a keynote speaker at the forthcoming East Coast Games Conference.