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Make-or-break time for Death Inc

Unique RTS-cum-god-game raises £75,000; Industry luminaries call for more support

A group of former Media Molecule developers have begun a final push to raise £300,000 to develop a unique strategy game called Death Inc.


Indie collective Ambient Studios formed in Guildford in 2011, with founding members coming from the likes of Media Molecule, Lionhead and burnout studio Criterion. Their debut project is an idiosyncratic RTS-cum-god-game for PC and Mac.

Players herd and command villagers using the grim reaper to control crowds and defeat enemies - all packaged within a unique sugar-papery cut-out world.

At the time of going to press, the project has raised about £75,000 of its £300,000 target.

Eight days remain, and the team has begun a final push for funding, with industry figureheads such as Peter Molyneux (22Cans), Alex Evans (Media Molecule) and Sean Murray (Hello Games) each endorsing the project.

A free demo has also launched for PC, Mac and Linux - and the project has made its way onto Steam's Greenlight.

The full funds will ensure completion of the single-player portion of the game (on PC, Linux and Mac) before the end of the year, while additional investment above £300,000 could lead to a tablet version being developed.

The project's Kickstarter page is available here