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In Quotes: Ian Livingstone on the absurdity of blaming violent video games

"The positive aspects of games is not often reported in the media, at all, or understood by government. The fact is, when you're playing a game you're solving puzzles and problems, you're learning about choice and consequence, you're learning about technology. Games can be a learning tool to teach mathematics. Games can be used as a training tool for pilots, for the armed forces, for surgeons. Games technology is all pervasive.
"President Obama said this week that games can make education relevant for young people, sand cited Mark Zuckerberg's interest in games as leading him into programming, which in turn led to him making Facebook.
"How are we, in the UK, going to use games in a positive way?
"Games are often cited for the evils in society. Most recently they have been linked to the shootings in the United States. But the fact is that there's $13.6 billion spent on games in the US each year, $7 billion spent in Japan.
"Japan's spending is twice that of the US, per capita, on playing games - and yet its firearm death toll is 0.07 per 100,000, while in the US it's 10 per 100,000.
"That's a hundred multiple of firearm deaths in the US. Clearly it's not linked to video games. Any time anyone tries to link something heinous to video games, there are no facts, just emotion."

- Eidos Life President Ian Livingstone, speaking at the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee meeting on preserving the UK games industry, February 26th 2013